Influential celebrities on Instagram in Louisville, Kentucky

Influential celebrities on Instagram in Louisville, Kentucky

We’re currently tracking a total of 172 influential celebrities in Louisville with between 1,000 and 191k followers. The average celebrity influencer in Louisville in our index have 8,799 followers and 5% engagement.

Running a local activation with influential celebrities from Louisville?

One of the key metrics to analyse when deciding what influencers from Louisville you should be working with is their level of engagement. Engagement for this group is calculated by taking the average likes, comments and mentions from the last 10 posts and divide that number by followers.

Generally, the fewer followers somebody have, the higher the engagement. This is what the distribution looks like amongst these influencers in Kentucky.

The influencers we track in Louisville are split up into 18 categories. Popular categories are college, fashion & lifestyle, fitness, sport and photography.

Engagement data for Kentucky

We’ve found the sweetspot to be to target influencers on Instagram with between 20,000 and 250,000 followers with an average of 3% engagement.

Popular hashtags

You can browse these hashtags to find popular influencers in the celebrity category or contact us to learn how we leverage technology to seek out the right people for your campaign from a total of 172 influencers in this category / location.

Launching your next influencer marketing campaign

Relatable is a marketing technology company and agency specialised in helping big consumer brands and brave startups scale their influencer marketing on Instagram and YouTube. Want to learn more about how we can help you run an activation with the right selection of the 172 influential celebrities we're tracking in Louisville? Talk to our team.

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